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Breaking Up Electronically

According to recent studies, 11% of the American public thinks it is OK to break up from a romantic relationship by text message.  Additionally there are more e-mail, Facebook and Twitter breakups than ever before.  What is happening to our society that we respect each other – even those with whom we have invested time and emotion – so little that we feel it is alright to end the relationship with a Tweet?  Is it that we cannot “face” each other in order to end it?  Are we just lazy?  Are we scared that if we choose to break-up face to face that the other person will get to us and cause us to reconsider?  Perhaps, but I think it is because the generation who is cutting out of a relationship by electronic medium is unskilled in how to have a difficult conversation with respect and kindness towards the other involved party.

If being treated with so little respect and e-mail, Facebook post or Tweet is the way the other person communicates important information with you, I suggest that it is your fault.  We teach others how to treat us.  You have the power to pick up the phone and call the person and have a conversation that doesn’t include a keyboard.  If you accept electronic communication as the main means for interaction then you can have no complaint when you are told by Tweet that the relationship is over.

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