Disability Etiquette – What You Need To Know with Ellen Shackelford

Join Cynthia Lett for the next episode of Modern Civility on BlogTalkRadio, featuring guest Ellen Shackelford. “Disability Etiquette – What You Need To Know” will air live on Tuesday, October15, at 3:30 pm EDT. Visit BlogTalkRadio to tune in live, or visit us for the recorded show on demand. Cynthia Lett has a conversation with […]

What’s New for 2012?

      I know it seems silly to be asking “What’s new for 2012?” in mid February but since I (Cynthia Lett, Editor)  have been under the weather since late December, 2011 and am just now ready to tackle the year with energy and clarity of mind and purpose, I am going to pretend that […]

Disability Etiquette Matters

Women use own life experiences as basis for book on ‘Disability Etiquette’ by Kristina Serafini Staff Writer March 24, 2011 Ellen Shackelford was napping with her 13-month-old son when she woke abruptly. She was frazzled, she remembers, recalling that day — July 28, 1983 — but not only because her inconsolable child was screaming and […]

October is Diversity Awareness Month

Disability Awareness Month: October is Disability Awareness month. What does this mean to YOU? – It means we all are able to make things, places and social activities accessible for all citizens with disabilities. How can you become a part of the solution?  By being open to change and changing negative thinking. As a person […]

Final Word focuses on “That’s So Annoying”s

Craig Wilson who writes the “Final Word” column in USAToday focused the August 26th column on what’s annoying and my book, That’s So Annoying. If you missed it, read it here.  Thank you Mr. Wilson for introducing my book to the country. Buy it at www.thatssoannoyingbook.com or at any bookstore.

Buggie Buddies Ashley N’Cole Shopping Program Announced

My colleague, Ellen Shackelford, President of Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC (CACS) is our disability etiquette expert. Her organization just launched an innovative and valuable program called Buggie Buddies Ashley N’cole® Shopping Program. It is a concept developed to assist people with disabilities and the aging population, who may have difficulty shopping independently. CACS provides […]