Final Word focuses on “That’s So Annoying”s

Craig Wilson who writes the “Final Word” column in USAToday focused the August 26th column on what’s annoying and my book, That’s So Annoying. If you missed it, read it here.  Thank you Mr. Wilson for introducing my book to the country. Buy it at or at any bookstore.

A Times (London) Theatre Critic Sheds New Light on Theatre Etiquette

The rules for proper etiquette while attending a theatre show haven’t changed much over the years. I put the list on my website,, seven years ago. Today I found an article from the Times (Online) in which the chief theatre critic, Benedict Nightingale , takes the obvious rules of good behavior and gives them […]

Buggie Buddies Ashley N’Cole Shopping Program Announced

My colleague, Ellen Shackelford, President of Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC (CACS) is our disability etiquette expert. Her organization just launched an innovative and valuable program called Buggie Buddies Ashley N’cole® Shopping Program. It is a concept developed to assist people with disabilities and the aging population, who may have difficulty shopping independently. CACS provides […]