Undivided Attention – the Best Demonstration of Good Etiquette

Why Workplace Etiquette Matters By Bonnie Low-Kramen Published June 27, 2013 Glassdoor REUTERS Our 24/7 instant-access virtual world has taken the “person” out of “personal,” especially in the workplace. Until we all turn into robots with hard drives, I suggest we take a breath and slow down long enough to remember that we are all living, […]

Why Won’t They Call You Back?

by Marc Cenedella (Founder and CEO of www.theladders.com) Why haven’t they called you back? The interview went well — you’re pretty sure you nailed that question about how you could contribute to the team’s new mobile initiative — and you really hit it off with the HR person. You’ve got a background in exactly the […]

Tech Nuts Too Rude for Food

The New York Post By AMBER SUTHERLAND and CLAYTON JONES Last Updated: 1:23 PM, October 6, 2010 It’s enough to give you indigestion. In an era when compulsive technology freaks find silence deafening, diners texting, tweeting, e-mailing or gabbing on cellphones in restaurants are ruining New Yorkers’ appetites. A new Zagat survey of 40,000 New […]