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Face-to-Face Meetings Are Still Important

Report Highlights Strategic Value of Face-to-Face Meetingsperson to person meeting

Even as virtual meetings become increasingly common, a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) focuses on the specific strategic advantages of face-to-face meetings for large groups. The report, The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face-to-Face, was written by Christine Duffy, President and CEO of Maritz Travel Company, and Mary Beth McEuen, Vice President and Executive Director of The Maritz Institute. McEuen notes that the report identifies three key reasons for face-to-face meetings: 1) to capture attention, especially for new concepts; 2) to inspire a positive emotional climate; and 3) to build human networks and relationships. “Face-to-face meetings possess the unique ability to spur action and drive business results through creating powerful, emotional ties to your business mission and message,” she says. “The fact remains that there’s no substitute for meeting in person when you want to build emotional support and develop relationships.”  The complete study can be found here.

Editor’s Note: As social media becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we have to be diligent to make time for face-to-face meetings.  When we are in the physical presence of others, our emotional selves are fed by the acceptance and challenges of personal relationships.  We feel better about ourselves after we have a positive meeting with another in person.  Why?  Because we know that the other person is responding to our “real” selves, not just our words.

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