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How to Instantly Connect with Anyone

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Wouldn’t you agree that life is all about quality connections? Our success, happiness and well-being are largely the by products of our ability to get along well with others and cultivate positive relationships. Below is a checklist of ingredients that we discuss in our communication and interpersonal relationships workshops. You can see more information on these and other communication tips from the book, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” by Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss.

  • Make people your passion
  • Be interested, not just interesting
  • Be a conscious connector in building positive relationships
  • Boost good feelings in others
  • Communicate with care
  • Engage the interest of others by focusing on their interests
  • Approach each interaction with positive intent
  • Take the initiative to reach out to others first
  • Project a positive presence
  • Be attentive
  • Express empathy
  • Build trust; mean what you say, and say what you mean
  • Adapt how you communicate to best serve what others need
  • Act in ways that make people feel valued
  • Give feedback tactfully and receive it willingly
  • Create a sense of safety and openness
  • Mend misunderstandings
  • Keep an open mind
  • Seek to understand how others see a situation
  • Acknowledge and honor the feelings of others
  • Monitor and master your emotions
  • Hear people out
  • Drop any need to “be right”
  • Let go of grudges
  • Manage difficult interactions with effective strategies
  • · Greet people with a smile
  • · Open your heart when it closes
  • · Seek peace when others don’t
  • · Be responsive to what others want or need
  • · Respect differences
  • · Let words of caring and kindness work magic
  • · Don’t take anyone for granted
  • · Thank people for their help, their time, their service, their
  • thoughtfulness, their caring, and their support
  • · Act as a catalyst to help others get what they want
  • · Praise positive behaviors
  • · Energize the winning spirit
  • · Make the right choices to create desired outcomes
  • · Give people credit for their ideas
  • · Express a dazzling attitude, even when it’s difficult
  • · Resolve conflicts with diplomacy
  • · Build bridges that join; remove walls that separate
  • · Release negative labels (of yourself or others)
  • · Speak your truth
  • · Accept responsibility; avoid playing the blame game
  • · Forgive others (and yourself) for flubs, faux pas, and foibles
  • · Light the way with laughter
  • · Project a cooperative spirit
  • · Express enthusiasm
  • · Encourage the expression of gifts, talents and personal
  • excellence
  • · Model the behaviors you want others to express
  • · Handle every connection with care and keep them in good
  • repair



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