Etiquette In Africa

Africa covers about 11.7 million square miles, stretching from the northern to the southern hemisphere.

Etiquette In Asia

Asia, world’s largest and most populous continent, is home to 4.3 billion people. Located in the eastern and northern hemispheres.

Etiquette In Europe

Europe, although its borders are based on classical cultural and political elements, is one of the world’s seven continents.

Etiquette In Australia & Oceania

The continent of Australia, smallest of the seven traditional continents, is comprised of mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Seram.

Etiquette In North America

North America, an area of approximately 9,540,000 square miles, is located wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere.

Etiquette of the Middle East

“Middle East” is generally recognized today to refer to a region that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Afghanistan in the east, a distance of approximately 5,600 kilometers.

Etiquette In South America

South America, home to more than 371 million people, is located in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere.

Etiquette In Caribbean

The Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

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