Etiquette in Gabon

Gabon is located on the Atlantic coast in Central Africa and is home to 1.475 million people.

Gabon is a dominant-party presidential republic.

The official language of Gabon is French. Local languages include Fang, Myene, Punu, and Nzebi.

About 75% of citizens practice Christianity, 12% practice Islam, and 10% practice traditional beliefs. Another 5% follow no religion or are atheists.

The currency of Gabon is the Central African CFA franc.

The handshake is the customary greeting, followed by a kiss between friends. Ask about someone’s health when greeting them.

Gabonese are extremely forward about how they address people and in expressing their wants and needs.

Personal space is quite different from Western standards. There is no such thing as personal space for most Gabonese.

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