Etiquette in Somalia

Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa and has a population of around 11 million people.

The nation is a federal parliamentary republic.

The official languages of Somalia are Somali and Arabic.

Islam is followed by nearly all Somalians.

The currency of Somalia is the Somali shilling.

Men shake hands and may nod or bow a little during the handshake. Women shake hands, but may kiss family members on the cheek or hug. Men and women generally don’t touch, preferring a verbal greeting..

Because the left hand is used for bathroom hygiene, one doesn’t use that hand for dining or handling food.

Never attempt to imbibe alcohol. It is strictly illegal.

Don’t show the bottoms of your feet while dining. That’s an insult.

You may not dine in public during Ramadan, as this is a violation of the law.

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