Etiquette in Sudan

Sudan is located in north Africa and has a population of 40 million people.

The nation is a dominant-party federal presidential republic.

The official languages of Sudan are Arabic and English.

Almost all of the country follows Islam.

The currency of Sudan is the Sudanese pound.

Men and women do not dine with one another.

Only eat with the right hand. You’ll usually dine using your hands.

Alcohol and pork will not be served at any meal.

If you are offered coffee or tea, you must accept and allow others to pour for you. If your neighbor’s drink is half full, refill them.

The “okay” sign, touching your index finger to the tip of your thumb, is a rude gesture.

Never show the soles of your feet.

It is considered rude for a man to speak directly to a woman. Men should never touch women in any way, if possible.

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