Etiquette in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in Asia and has a population of 171.7 million people.

The nation is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic.

The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali.

Most citizens follow Islam. There is a small Hindu minority.

The currency of Bangladesh is the taka.

Gifts are generally only given between family members, but small things like pastries, desserts, and flowers (not frangipanis) are acceptable to bring when invited to a person’s home.

Don’t gift money, and if you are uncertain regarding the other person’s religion avoid non-halal meat and alcohol.

When visiting a Bangladeshi home, you will be offered a place to sit. It may be a chair, a stool, or a bamboo mat. The host will make certain you have a seat; sitting on the floor is considered improper behavior.

Before dining, wash your right hand. Eat with only the right hand.

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