Etiquette in Yemen

Yemen is located on the southern Arabian Peninsula and has a population of 25.4 million people.

The nation is a provisional republic.

The official languages of Yemen are Arabic.

The majority of citizens follow Islam.

The currency of Yemen is the Yemeni rial.

Men and women of the same sex greet one another with a handshake and may continue to hold hands while talking. When men and women greet one another, there is no direct touching in public. Men should not initiate a handshake with a woman, waiting instead for her to take the lead.

Gift-giving is a serious matter in Yemen. One doesn’t bring gifts to someone who is not a very close friend. Such gifts are not lightly-selected, but are of the finest possible quality.

If you comment positively on a possession owned by a Yemeni, they may feel bound to gift it to you immediately; don’t put your host or hostess in this position.

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