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International Social Entrepreneurship By J. Mark Munoz

International Social Entrepreneurship

Joseph Mark Munoz

This book explores the topic of international social entrepreneurship. It focuses on current definitions, concepts, as well as methodologies pertaining to social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it showcases real-life cases and stories of individuals and companies that have made a positive impact in various parts of the world.

Great reasons you need to read this book:

  1. There has been a growing interest in the topic of social entrepreneurship and yet there are limited academic materials.
  2. Reading this book will give you a concise, straight-forward compilation of theories, concepts and cases.
  3. With globalization, students and executives have been empowered to make positive impact around the world; viable strategies are identified and discussed.
  4. This book  provides fresh insights on citizenship in a global environment.

Mark Munoz is an associate of The Lett Group specializing in helping companies realize their true potential in reaching global markets.  A very important part of this process is learning about the culture of the target country.  Dr. Munoz works with clients to understand the environment they are working and the people with whom they are working.

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