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New Form of Address for Pope Benedict

As of today, February 27, Pope Benedict is still referred to as Pope.  But, tomorrow, February 28, at 7pm Irish time, he will have a new form of address.  He will maintain the honorific title of “His Holiness” and will be the “Pope Emeritus”.  This directive was shared by The Vatican today.  His attire will change as well.   He will wear a “simple white cassock” and his ring of office as Pope will be destroyed according to Vatican tradition, a spokesman told a briefing.  This is all taking place because Pope Benedict is the first Pope to resign his position for any reason in over 500 years.  Pope is normally a life position.  He will also no longer wear his trademark red shoes once he steps down.  Instead he will wear a custom pair of brown leather loafers which were a gift during a trip to Mexico.

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