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Quick Interview Tips for Teens and College Grads


Summer Jobs. The first job after graduation. Whenever you have to interview for a job, there is a lot of stress involved.  If you keep these simple rules in mind, you should have no problem making a great impression, giving your a positive edge to the job.

  • Make sure you dress more formally than you usually do, even if the company has an informal dress code.  A suit and tie for men and a dress or conservative separates (and keep the heel height on your shoes 3 inches or less) for women are appropriate if the company has a business formal or business casual dress code.  If the company has an informal code, a blue blazer and grey or khaki slacks with collared, buttoned-down shirt and tie for men and matched but less formal separates or a simple dress are appropriate for women.
  • Arrive on time. On time actually means 5-10 minutes early so you have time to put your coat in the closet, check your makeup, hair and your teeth and relax to gather your thoughts. You will introduce yourself to the receptionist first and give your card to her/him so they can announce your arrival.
  • Stand up when your interviewer enters the room (and always when you are shaking hands with someone) and shake their hand firmly. Avoid the limp, bone-crusher,pumping and fingertip handshakes.
  • Be prepared. This means you need to know what’s happening at their company.  Know their products and services, how well they are doing financially, how many employees they have, who their competition is and how your skills would fit into their future success.  If you can show the interviewer that you already fit into their corporate culture, it will be easier to hire you.  Your resume got you the interview based upon your skills. Your personality will get you the job.
  • Wait to be seated by the interviewer. Don’t walk in a conference room or an office and sit down.  Ask where the interviewer would like to have you sit.
  • Smile when you first meet the interviewer and during the interview. No one wants a sour puss working in their offices. Look enthusiastic, don’t fidget, and turn your phone completely off and put it away during your time in their office.
  • When the interview is over, shake the interviewer’s hand firmly and thank them for their time.  Ask when a decision will be made and when to expect to hear from them whether or not you got the job.
  • Write a handwritten thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview thanking the interviewer for their time and restating your interest in the job.  End it with an action statement like, “I am hoping for a positive result”.  You may also (in addition to but not instead of) write an email thank-you as soon as you get home with the same information as your handwritten note.

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