It’s Apropos!

Was President Bush Supposed to Sip after the Queen’s Toast?

After watching Queen Elizabeth II’s toast to President and Mrs. Bush at dinner last night on the news, I was glad that President Bush did not sip his wine. He did clink her glass however, which in the truest version of toasting protocol he shouldn’t have done if the toast is just to you. When someone toasts to you, the correct behavior is to sit and smile and perhaps nod your head as a toast is made to you. A toast is a compliment and it is always bad form to compliment yourself.

President Bush clinked her glass which I will give him leeway for since half of her toast was to the American people and to Mrs. Bush. He is a non-drinker so he probably would not have drunk the wine (or was it champagne?) for that reason but I prefer to believe he was knowledgeable about protocol and chose not to drink to himself.

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