About Us

One of the first and most respected etiquette, communications, and protocol training companies in the world.

The Lett Group

The Lett Group is a group of professional and experienced speakers who have worked with over 500 companies and organizations as advisors the world over.

Our speaking engagements, seminars and private consultations impart common sense with uncommon wisdom. Excellent manners, whether while you are using the telephone, showing guests your superior dining skills, displaying your leadership skills in meetings or in the office, winning business or social negotiations, or entertaining guests for business or fun, are essential to make yourself memorable in the best way.

Story & History

Started in 1983, we specialize in training executives, professionals and would-be rainmakers in the critical skills of business etiquette, manners, dining skills, personal marketing, and using International Protocol.

Mission & Services

Etiquette is all about presentation and how to deal with people in business and in public. Whether you are at an important business meal, or you are networking for new clients, your manners play a vital role each and every day.

We Solve Even the Most Difficult Questions

Our experts have a depth of knowledge and the ability to influence your success. Whether you are seeking training in business and social etiquette, international protocol, international negotiation skills, image management, appropriate dealings with disabled colleagues, diversity management or presentation skills, The Lett Group has the expert for you.

Our Associates

To provide the cutting edge training programs that The Lett Group offers, we work with several top-level professionals who are not etiquette experts. These experts include Speech & Language Therapy Experts, International Negotiation Experts, Professional Image Consultants, among others.