Boardroom Polish Seminar & Dining Skills Dinner – September 12 ,2011

Boardroom Polish Seminar & Dining Skills Dinner – September 12 ,2011

On September 12, 2011 , at the Doubletree Hotel & Meeting Center in Bethesda, Maryland, The Lett Group will offer our popular seminars, Boardroom Polish™ – Business Etiquette & Entertaining for Professionals and Dining Skills for the Savvy Professional tutorial dinner.  You can register for one or both at

Professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder who wish to learn the basics and a few advanced concepts about how to feel comfortable in any business or social situation will benefit from this dynamic and fun seminar.  

Polished professionals are a great asset to any organization. Each seminar program is aimed at professionals who want the POWER SKILLS necessary to “OUTCLASS THE COMPETITION”. Workbooks are included for each participant serving as a reference book later.


In the one-day seminar all the topics below are covered:

Subjects Covered:



  • First impressions
  • Types of handshakes
  • Demonstration with audience participants


  • Client to Colleague
  • Superior to Client
  • Colleague to Colleague
  • Introducing yourself
  • General other introductions


  • How to work the room
  • Drinking
  • When to eat and how
  • Meeting attractive people/ Flirting
  • Business Cards – when to ask for one/when to offer yours
  • What to talk about/ what not to talk about
  • What to do with rudeness

Clients In Your Office

  • Inviting a client to your office
  • Meeting your client in the office
  • Where to sit
  • Serving refreshments
  • If others join you in the meeting
  • Follow up after the meeting

Presence, Awareness And Body Language

  • Stance and power
  • Eye contact
  • Using your smile
  • Where to put your hands
  • Common faux pas when dealing in international arena

Conversation Skills

  • Appropriate topics
  • Starting conversations
  • Leaving conversations
  • Small talk

Business Card Usage

  • How to give your card
  • When to give your card
  • Asking for someone else’s card
  • Using business cards as calling cards

Telephone Skills

  • Calling someone you know
  • Calling someone new
  • Leaving messages
  • Making appointments over the phone
  • Taking messages
  • Cell phone usage

Business Receptions And Meals

  • Receiving lines
  • Host and Hostess Duties
  • Eating and drinking
  • Extending the invitation
  • Accepting the invitation
  • Small talk and other conversation skills
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Toasting
  • Guests of honor
  • Giving a toast
  • What to say
  • Responding to a toast
  • When to make the toast
  • Seating charts
  • Seating the Guest(s) of honor
  • Hosting a client at a lunch or dinner
  • Extending the invitation
  • Making the arrangements at the restaurant
  • Meeting them at the restaurant
  • Seating your guests
  • Appropriate conversation
  • When to bring up business
  • Ordering drinks / Offering drinks
  • Ordering food
  • Paying the bill
  • Tipping

Business Travel

  • Traveling with your business superiors
  • Traveling with your client
  • Limousine travel (where to seat your client, etc)
  • Corporate jet travel

Effective Correspondence

  • The first letter to a client
  • Thank you notes
  • Forms of address
  • Addressing the envelope in different situations
  • Invitations – extending and accepting

Gift Giving

  • Accepting Business Gifts (also – when to open )
  • Giving Gifts – what, when, what circumstances Wrapping Gifts – (Colors and Paper)

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