Correspondence Cards – A must have…

Correspondence Cards – A must have…

We think the most useful item in your stationery wardrobe is the correspondence card.  It’s more informal than an informal (fold over note) and can be used for the most purposes.  The cards are perfect for thank-you notes, informal invitations and quick notes.  They reflect the style and formality of the writer depending on the color of ink and paper.  You can engrave them with black ink on ecru or white paper to make them the most formal.  Embossing is slightly less formal and printing in color ink on white or colored paper is the least formal.  It is a perfect vehicle for the company logo as well.

The correspondence card is used by both men and women.  They are flat, heavy paper stock and should only be mailed in their matching envelopes.  To make a classy statement, make sure the envelopes are lined in the same color as the ink used and your return address is either engraved or printed on the back flap.  The return address should always be on the back flap of this sized envelope.

The cards can be plain or bordered with the same color ink as the engraved or printed name on the card.  They can also be blind embossed (no ink). Monograms, your formal name or a coat of arms at the top center of the card are all appropriate.

You write only on the front of the card.


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