Cultural Etiquette Keys to Success in the Arab World

Cultural Etiquette Keys to Success in the Arab World

Join Cynthia Lett for the next episode of Modern Civility on BlogTalkRadio, featuring guest Amy Riolo. “Cultural Etiquette Keys to Success in the Arab World” will air live on Wednesday, October 2, at 12 pm EDT.

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This episode is a conversation between Cynthia Lett and Amy Riolo about the meaning and importance of hospitality and food in understanding the culture of the Arab world when visiting and doing business there. Amy Riolo is an award-winning cookbook author, lecturer and educator on the subjects of culinary intelligence and the integration of culture and cuisine.

Both Cynthia and Amy have done extensive work in the Arab Gulf region and will be recounting some of their personal experiences when doing business there.

Five key points that will be discussed come from Amy Riolo’s soon to be released book, Beyond Language: Translating Cultures for International Success (2013).

1. Have a desire to want to communicate effectively

2. Get rid of any inhibitions and be willing to step out of your comfort zone

3. Learn Cultural Keys – gestures, body language, expressions, do’s and don’ts

4. Take a deep breath and enjoy the process

5. Practice using what you learned