Disability Etiquette – What You Need To Know with Ellen Shackelford

Disability Etiquette – What You Need To Know with Ellen Shackelford

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Cynthia Lett has a conversation with Ellen Shackelford, a prominent Disability Etiquette expert. People with disabilities are often overlooked in various social situations and activities. They face many challenges that oftentimes average people fail to consider. Ellen Shackelford is the author of  Disability Etiquette Matters. The book stresses the importance of proper interaction with people with disabilities. Throughout this book, readers will learn how to address diverse issues in all levels. It contains stories of people living with disabilities, rules, suggestions and advice on how people with disabilities are the best guide in educating the society of matters affecting their everyday lives. From communication issues to marketing concerns, from social situations to social etiquette rules, and other relevant topics, this book provides explanation and clarification on disability etiquette matters.

Ellen has been teaching various groups around the USA about the best practices in handling interactions with others with physical disabilities.  With recent wars bringing home more military participants with physical disabilities  and the fact that October is Disability Awareness Month, this is a subject appropriate for discussion.

Ellen L. Shackelford is a person who has sustained a disability through injury. She is well aware of the many challenges people with disabilities face daily. She also knows people with disabilities are often overlooked in social situations and activities. As founder and president of Connections Access Consulting Services, LLC, she is dedicated to a service, which will enhance the awareness and unconscious injustice of the aging population and citizens with disabilities, so all will be included in social situations.

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