Does What We Wear Matter?

Does What We Wear Matter?

Are We Judged By What We Wear?

Can’t people look past my fashion sense and see the real me?

The answer? Rarely.

Researchers have come up with scientific evidence to support the theory that what we wear makes a huge difference in how we influence the world around us. It’s what you always suspected: The guy down the hall who doesn’t know half of what you know and was promoted to Director got the job not with his brain but his wardrobe.  He looked the part so it was easy to picture him doing the job. In situations such as job interviews, court appearances, sales presentations and first dates it is important to make not just a good, but a great first impression for maximum credibility and authority.

Behavioral scientists tell us that the effect of a first impression is a strong one. The judging process takes only seconds and you usually don’t know consciously that you are doing it.  If you make a bad first impression, it could require an enormous amount of effort and time to erase the stigma.

Why not take advantage of the research on human nature and utilize the knowledge to enhance and control how you are accepted? Since about 90 percent of you is covered by apparel, the clothing you choose makes a significant impact. Wearing what is appropriate for the occasion, what fits well and looks stylish and what enhances rather than detracts from your attractiveness can be the strongest asset you have.