Etiquette Training

Our Expertise and Training is World-Class

Our trainers are Certified Etiquette Professionals (CEP) and Certified Protocol Professionals (CPP). These designations are earned by graded examination through the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals and are recognized world-wide as the pinnacle of professional designation.

How much business is lost by faux pas? More than you may realize.

Etiquette in business is much more than knowing which fork to use when dining or how to greet clients when at lunch. Etiquette is all about your personal presentation & how to deal with people in business and in public. Whether you are at an important business meal, or networking for new clients, your manners play a vital role each & every day.

Learning the skills needed to present yourself as a professional will ensure that you can avoid embarrassing mistakes and that you are taken seriously.  People do business with people they like, respect, and enjoy, and your manners contribute to their lasting impression of you. Are you professional?  Are you likable?  Are you hospitable?  All of these traits contribute to your success. Gaining the knowledge and experience needed to give you the confidence to behave in the correct manner in business should be paramount in your personal plan.

Speaking engagements, seminars and private consultations offered by The Lett Group impart common sense with uncommon wisdom. Excellent manners, whether while you are using the telephone, hosting guests and using superior dining skills, displaying your leadership skills in meetings or in the office, winning business or social negotiations, or entertaining guests for business or fun, are essential to make yourself memorable in the best way.

Our experts have earned the coveted international designations of  CPP -Certified Protocol Professional and CEP – Certified Etiquette Professional from the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals. These are the only exam-based certifications in the field. The Highest Level Training from The Lett Group will give you the confidence you need to live a savvy and fulfilling life.  You can register securely online for our public programs.

The Lett Group is a group of professional and experienced speakers who have worked with over 500 companies and organizations as advisers the world over. Whether you are located in the Washington, D.C. area or elsewhere, we travel and would be happy to work with you and your colleagues.