Advanced Training for Etiquette & Protocol Professionals

Cynthia Lett, one of the most successful etiquette experts world-wide will work one-on-one with currently practicing and aspiring etiquette professionals to hone skills and take your consultancy to the starting line or to a higher level than you currently are working. Students will be given expert advice about what works in the etiquette and protocol segment, how to reach new markets, how to take your expertise globally and how to be more effective in your training. Sessions will be full-day, multi-day or in-person with email and phone continuation.

Private consultation available by the hour, day, or week, and personal and professional coaching available by the month. This is one-on-one personalized coaching, focused on you. You will gain the skills necessary to generate the positive impressions necessary in today’s competitive business, social and international arena at a pace suited for your needs.

For more information on this terrific opportunity to train with a leader, submit a request for information.