Handbag Caddy®

Handbag Caddy®

The chic and smart place to put your bag while dining.

We use these clever tools whenever we dine out – no more wondering where to put your bag – not on your chair (it gets knocked off); not on the floor – it gets lost under your chair; not on your lap – it just gets in the way.  Simply place the disc on the table and hook your bag.  It hangs out of the way, safe from knocks and drops.

Inexpensive enough to have one for every purse.

Great Gift! The Holidays are coming! What a Great Stocking Stuffer!

Solid Color with Pewter Flower or Solid Color Hologram

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Only $10 each

Handbag Caddy Add to Cart on The Lett Group  Handbag Caddy in Pewter with Solid Color – (let us choose for you)

Handbag Caddy in Vintage Floral patternHandbag Caddy Add to Cart on The Lett Group

Add to Cart Button on The Lett Group Handbag Caddy in Solid Hologram (let us choose the color)