How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Set And Really Achieve Your Goals
Get what you want, when you want it with this exciting new approach to goal setting.

Reaching your goals can be extremely difficult. Even more difficult may be determining what your goals really should be. To help you and your company learn to set and then reach your goals, JWA/Video has produced How To Set And Really Achieve Your Goals, with noted lecturer and trainer Jeff Blackman.

Nearly all companies and individuals say goals are important. Whether they are sales goals, production goals, personal finance goals, or weight loss goals they are deemed important. Yet many times we set our goals without much real thought. “Our new sales goal is to increase last year’s sales by 10%.” Why? Maybe it should be 20%. But without any real thought no one is really sure.

In this new video training program you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to set accurate goals
  • How to set goals so they mean something
  • The GRASP IT goals achievement system
  • Why planning is critical to both your business and personal life
  • The six key elements to change

“Decide upon your goals and then set your mind, body and world into motion. As a worthwhile being, you deserve success. Demand it. Require it. Insist upon it,” says Blackman.

This how-to training program comes with a video, audio CD and goals-setting booklet. It is a must for any individual and organization.

Available in VHS (NTSC or PAL) or DVD. Comes with audio CD and Book.

35 minutes.

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals VHS, $109.95

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals DVD, $129.95