Etiquette in Benin

Benin is a West African country and has a population of nearly 11 million people.

The nation is a presidential republic.

The official language of Benin is French, but frequently spoken languages are Fon and Yoruba.

Roughly 43% of people in Benin are Christian and another 24.4% practice Islam. 17.3 are Vodun practitioners, and 6% follow traditional religions.

The currency of country is the West African Franc.

Greeting Etiquette

Shaking hands among men is common. Women may shake hands or offer a kiss on the cheek among friends.

Shake hands with the right hand.

Though direct eye contact is valued in cities, in more rural areas it may be the practice to lower one’s eyes when speaking to an elder.

Dress Etiquette

Workers wear formal wear to work, regardless of the weather.

If you are working outside of an office and going out into the field, it may be more appropriate to dress less formally.

Formal clothing for men includes pants and shirt, though it may include a suit.

Women may dress as is common in Western countries or locals may choose to dress in more traditional, local outfits.