Etiquette in Burundi

Burundi is located in inland East Africa and has a population of over 11 million people.

The nation is a presidential republic.

The official languages of Burundi are French and Kirundi.

The majority of Burundians follow Christianity, and most Christians are adherents of Roman Catholicism.

The currency of Burundi is the Burundian franc.

Greeting Etiquette

Handshakes are important and can vary based on the location in which you’re doing so. You may, for instance, touch your left hand on another person’s elbow in some instances. You should expect to hold hands for a few minutes after you’ve shaken hands.

Dress Etiquette

Dress well when working in Burundi. If you are at a higher level within an organization, a suit and tie would make more sense for men, and a formal skirt, top, or outfit would be appropriate for a woman. Only outside of work would jeans, t-shirts, and running shoes be okay and then it should be limited to the outdoors on the weekend.