Etiquette in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located in East Africa and has 99.47 million people.

The country is a federal parliamentary republic.

There are 90 different languages spoken in Ethiopia. 40% of people there speak Amharic, 33.8% Oromo. The rest speak Somali, Tigrinya, Sidamo, Welaytta, Gurage, Afar, Hadiyya, or Gamo.

About 63% of the population is Christian, 43.5% of whom are Ethiopian Orthodox. Muslims make up 34% of the population and traditional faiths makeup another 2.6%.

The currency of Ethiopia is the Birr.

Greeting Etiquette

Expect a degree of formality when meeting an Ethiopian person.

There will be a light handshake, and you should expect to take your time with the greeting. You should ask about the other person’s family.

People of the same-sex will kiss one another up to three times on the cheeks if they know one another well.

Dress Etiquette

Men shouldn’t wear t-shirts or shorts if they can avoid it.

Women are advised to wear skirts that are below the knee.

Remove shoes before entering holy places.

Dress well if you’re invited to a person’s home.