Etiquette in Kenya

Kenya is located in East Africa and has 45 million people.

The nation is a unitary presidential constitutional republic.

The official languages of Kenya are English and Kiswahili. In rural areas, native languages are more common.

Around 83% of Kenyan people are Christian. Another 11% are Muslim and less than 2% practice indigenous beliefs.

The currency of country is the Kenyan shilling.

Greeting Etiquette

Handshakes are common and may be more extended among closer contacts.

Women may prefer to hug and kiss their friends on the cheek.

Some observant Muslims will not shake hands with members of the opposite sex.

Dress Etiquette

Dressing modestly is the expectation in most social situations.

Shorts are not generally viewed favorably.

Bikinis and swim trunks are fine for the beach, but not expected outside the beach.