Etiquette in Senegal

Senegal is a West African country, home to about 13.5 million people.

The nation is a semi-presidential republic.

The official language is French, but most people speak Pulaar, Serer or the Cangin and Jola languages.

94% of people in Senegal follow Islam and about 5% are Christian.

The currency of Senegal is the CFA franc.

Greetings Etiquette

In most cases, a verbal greeting is the norm. A handshake with the right hand may be acceptable, in particular among men. Wait for a woman to offer her hand before presuming if you are male.

Gift Giving Etiquette

If you choose to visit a home for a meal, a gift of chocolates, pastries, or fresh fruit will be welcome.

Give your gift with both hands and be sure the gift is wrapped. Any color is fine.

Your gift won’t be opened when received.