Etiquette in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa and has a population of about 7 million people.

The nation is a unitary presidential constitutional republic.

The official language of Sierra Leone is English. Spoken languages are Temne, Mende, and Krio.

The nation is predominantly Muslim with a sizeable Christian minority.

The currency of Sierra Leone is the Leone.

Dining & Visiting Homes Etiquette

It is not only likely you will be offered a meal, it is exceptionally likely, as hosts are eager to invite even passersby to enjoy dinner.

Hosts and hostesses pride themselves on their generosity. It’s a good practice to thank your hosts unabashedly. They will appreciate it.

You should leave a little food on the plate.

Other Etiquette

Elders are revered in Sierra Leone. Defer to elders to show respect when the opportunity arises.

Don’t show the soles of your feet, use your left hand, or give the thumbs up symbol.