Etiquette in Uganda

Uganda is located in East Africa and is home to about 38 million people.

The nation is a dominant-party semi-presidential republic.

English and Swahili are the official languages of Uganda. However, there are a number of other languages spoken, in particular in the south.

Christianity is practiced by 85% of Ugandans, while Islam is practiced by another 12%.

The currency of country is the Ugandan shilling.

Greetings Etiquette

People shake hands in greeting.

Women generally are the first to extend their hand for greetings, if they intend to do so.

People keep an arm’s length of distance for personal space.

Dress Etiquette

Dress conservatively in public.

For business meetings, dress formally. A suit and collared shirt are appropriate for men. Laced shoes are preferable.

Women should also wear suits for meetings. Keep accessories to a minimum. Wear long skirts in rural areas and dress conservatively.

Dirty, scuffed shoes are poorly regarded.