Etiquette in Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked nation in southern Africa. The population is around 16 million people.

The country is a unitary presidential republic.

The official language of Zambia is English. The main local languages are Nyanja and Bemba. Other languages include Chewa, Lozi, Lunda, and Tonga.

The constitution of Zambia indicates that the country is officially a Christian nation. 95% of people are Christian. Smaller populations include animists, atheists, and Muslims.

The currency of Zambia is the Zambian kwacha.

Dining & Visiting Homes Etiquette

Men and women might not dine with one another.

It is common to wash one’s hand before dining, as food is often eaten with one’s hands.

Try to eat all of the food you are offered.

It is not necessary to thank a host directly for a meal.

Eat with your right hand, not the left.

Other Etiquette

In every interaction, it is important to greet the other person.

Public displays of affection are considered inappropriate.