Etiquette in Armenia

Armenia is located in the Caucasus on the border of Asia and Europe and has a population of 3 million people.

The nation is a Unitary semi-presidential republic.

The official language of Armenia is Armenian.

Most citizens follow the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The currency of Armenia is the dram.

Greetings Etiquette

Greetings are casual, so a handshake and smile are fine. The handshake may last a bit longer than you are accustomed. People may stand closer than the American custom in Armenia.

Try to be punctual for appointments, even if your host is late.

Dining & Visiting Homes Etiquette

Expect very warm hospitality when you are the guest at in an Armenian home.

You may be invited to a barbecue, a favorite meal in Armenia. If you are invited to a barbecue, it’s fine to bring your own beer or wine.

Continental dining table manners are customary, so simply keep your hands above the table and your elbows off of it.

You may be offered vodka, tea, coffee, and an opportunity to sleep over if you are a guest. The vodka can be particularly strong, so be aware of this when imbibing. There may be many toasts.