Etiquette in Burma (Myanmar)

Burma is located in Southeast Asia and has a population of 51.5 million people.

The nation is a unitary parliamentary republic.

The official language of Burma is Burmese. Recognized regional languages include Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan

Most citizens follow Buddhism. There are very small numbers of followers of Christianity and Islam.

The currency of Burma is the kyat.

Dress Etiquette

Dressing in local clothing is considered polite. Men wear the pasu and women wear the longyi. If you do wear Western-style clothing, it’s fine. Just avoid wearing outfits that are too revealing, in particular shots cut above the knee or tops showing the shoulders.

Dining & Visiting Homes Etiquette

Remove your shoes before entering a home. Don’t point the bottoms of your feet towards people or sacred images.

Don’t touch people’s heads, as this is considered to be extremely rude. Absolutely do not pat a child on the head, as it is considered dangerous to them.

The upper body is viewed as far superior to the lower body. You wouldn’t use the same towel or basin to clean the upper and lower body.