Etiquette in Kyrgystan

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia and has a population of 6 million people.

The nation is a unitary parliamentary republic.

The national and official languages of Kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz and Russian respectively.

Most citizens follow Islam. A sizeable minority follow Russian Orthodoxy.

The currency of Kyrgyzstan is the som.

Greetings Etiquette

Women usually begin greetings between the sexes. A nod or handshake is usual, but a kiss on the cheek between close friends and family may happen.

Men shake hands with the right hand. Some young men may lean in to apepar to hug, but don’t quite do so.

Women shake hands and nod when greeting. Family and friends may kiss on the cheek.

Dress Etiquette

Western dress is usual and can be revealing in Bishkek. However, it is best to dress more conservatively in southern Kyrgyzstan.

In business settings, conservative though stylish dress is preferred.