Etiquette in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a Central European nation of 10.5 million people.

The official language is Czech, but the country officially recognizes over a dozen other European languages. Very few people speak English.

In 1993, the Czech Republic became a Parliamentary republic with a president and prime minister.

Historically, this nation has been know to be tolerant and indifferent towards religion and now has one of the least religious populations in the world. About 35% of the population stated they have no religion, while an additional 45% did not even answer the most recent census question. The most popular religion remaining is Roman Catholic, of whom 10% stated as their religion.

The currency is the Czech koruna or Czech crown (symbol: Kč)

General Etiquette

In most cases, expensive gifts are not given or expected in business situations. Any gift should be of good quality, but not exorbitantly expensive. Suggestions include nice pens or imported wine or liquor, such as scotch, bourbon, or cognac.

If invited to someone’s home for dinner, bring a bouquet of unwrapped flowers in an uneven number. Avoid 13, roses and calla lilies.

In formal situations it is better to be introduced by a third party than to introduce yourself. In informal situations, however, you may introduce yourself. If you are making the introduction, announce the younger or lower-ranking person first.

In warmer weather, follow your colleagues’ lead as to when to remove jackets or ties.

Never shake hands with your left hand in your pocket and avoid putting your hands in your pockets while speaking with someone.