Etiquette in Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked nation in Central Europe with a population of almost 10 million people.

Most citizens speak Hungarian, however you may also hear German, Slovak, Croatian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Slovenian.

Hungary has been a democratic parliamentary republic since 1989. A President is elected every five years, although the powers of this position are mostly ceremonial. The President nominates a Prime Minister who is elected by parliament to head the executive branch.

Approximately 40% of the Hungarians identify as Catholics, while more than 15% identify as non-religious. Other widely represented religions include Calvinism and Lutheran.

The currency used in Hungary is the Forint, denoted by ‘Ft’. The Hungarian government has announced intentions to adopt the Euro, however, the changeover has not yet taken place.

Dining & Entertaining Etiquette

Hungarians are famous for their incredible hospitality. Regardless of who is hosting a meal, you will have to fight with your Hungarian counterparts to pay the bill.

Deals in Hungary happen over time, and usually will not be finalized without a decent amount of eating, drinking, and entertainment. However, it is important to note that when conducting business in Hungary, don’t expect to do so over a meal. Hungarians consider meals a social occasion. Dinners can last especially long, as restaurants often provide a full night of music or entertainment.

Once a contract is signed, consider throwing a cocktail party at a prestigious hotel to mark the occasion.