Etiquette in Ireland

Ireland, separated by the Irish Sea from Great Britain, is home to 6.4 million people.

Although less than 10% of the population speaks Irish regularly outside of school, it is still the official language. English is the most widely spoken language.

The Republic of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy with a written constitution and a popularly elected president who has mostly ceremonial powers. The Government is headed by a prime minister, who is appointed by the President on the nomination of the lower house of parliament.

Christianity is the predominant religion, with the largest church being the Roman Catholic Church with approximately 85% of the population as followers. The constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

The currency is the Euro.

Business Entertaining Etiquette

When planning to entertain Irish associates, knowing a little bit of pub etiquette will come in handy.

  • Offer to take your counterparts to a popular restaurant or pub. Confirm that you are picking up the tab.
  • Do not expect table service in a pub. You must go to the bar to order.
  • Post-work drinks are for establishing social relationships. You may never get to the topic of business.
  • Remember that going to the pub is a daily routine for many Irish. Know your limitations and stick to them.
  • Avoid religion and politics in discussion, and, if the topics come up, comment only if you agree with your hosts.