Etiquette in Monaco

Monaco is located in southern Europe and has a population of 37,800 people.

The nation is a unitary constitutional monarchy.

The official language of Monaco is French. Common languages include Monégasque, Italian, Occitan, and English.
Residents follow Roman Catholicism.

The currency of Monaco is the euro.

General Etiquette

You will find that etiquette is much as one may find in France, including the preference for respecting privacy. However, do note that the Monegasque are independent-minded and do not appreciate being confused for French.

Business Etiquette

Avoid setting meetings for July and August, the preferred months for vacations.

Appointments require two weeks advance notice and should be made in writing or over the phone. Call to cancel or delay if that is necessary and let people know why.

Decision-making doesn’t take place during meetingS. This is a time for discussing the issues only.