Etiquette in Portugal

Portugal, located on the Iberian peninsula, is home to over 10.5 million people.

Portuguese is spoken throughout the country, although you may find English spoken in some tourist centers. Some business is conducted in French.

Although there is no official religion in Portugal, approxiamately 97% of citizens are Roman Catholic. Religious freedom is constitutionally guaranteed and there are small numbers of followers of many other religions.

The Portuguese government is a democratic republic.

The currency used in Portugal is the Euro.

General Etiquette

In Portugal, a standard greeting is a warm, firm handshake, although in social occasions men will greet each other with an embrace and women will kiss on both cheeks.

A common gesture for “come here” is to extend one’s arm with the hand down and wave the fingers or hand. It may looks similar to the motion of patting someone on the head.

Conservative dress is a must in Portugal and men will wear jackets, even in the heat. Women will often wear dresses in subdued colors in lieu of a suit.