Etiquette in Qatar

Qatar is located in the Persian Gulf and has a population of 2.5 million people.

The nation is a unitary absolute monarchy.

The official language of Qatar is Arabic.

The majority of citizens follow Islam.

The currency of Qatar is the riyal.

Dress Etiquette

Qatar expects conservative clothing choices, in particular in a business setting. Modesty is the rule. Women should cover knees and elbows while men should choose long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting trousers. Dress in a private home may be somewhat less restrictive depending upon the individual, but it’s best not to presume before a visit.

General Etiquette

Don’t point or show the soles of your shoes. Both are considered to be examples of rude behavior.

Alcohol may be available in your hotel, but Muslims don’t partake. Consider choosing tea, juice, water, or any non-alcoholic beverage when you are socializing with locals.