What is the first thing we notice about another person? The face! It is our focal point. The face reveals whether we are shy or confident, friendly or hostile, happy or hurting. At a glance, the face reveals most about us as a person. While only a small part of our body, it is the primary ingredient of communication. Why are makeovers so much fun to see? Because a transformation can be made with just a little bit of effort. The women in our makeover slides range in age from 20 to 60. All have had new haircuts, new makeup, new outfits, and some have even had perms and a new hair color!

They are proof that investment of even slight effort can enable each of us to be uniquely beautiful. The program depicts spectacular before-and-after makeovers that can be used with most of Self Presentations slide modules.

Subjects covered include:

  • • Hair: cutting, perming, styling
  • • Going grey vs. coloring the grey
  • • The magic of makeup
  • • Appropriate colors in clothing
  • • Facial shapes: heart, rectangular, round, square
  • • Side-by-side shots, before and after

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