Children’s Placemats

These spill proof, 11″ x 17″ place mats will start conversations and encourage behavior that will make every parent proud! A great gift for every family, school, classroom, or church group. Guaranteed for a lifetime of smiles.
“My little boy, who turned three in January, had all the manners memorized after just a few minutes. He just loves the place mat! “
Laura Tripp, Williamsburg, Virginia.


(Fun learning for ages 3 – 10)
Where do your children learn proper dining etiquette? At home, of course! The Manners Mat is designed to make it easy and fun to learn good manners right at the table. That’s because kids adore the funny animals which illustrate ten important rules of common etiquette. Children will never forget as these rules become part of their daily habits — wherever they go.

(Please inquire about volume discounts)

(Building self-esteem for ages 3-10)
As parents and teachers we know that the early years are crucial for building self-confidence. Helping kids feel valued promotes self-esteem and a better appreciation of their own special gifts. This place mat encourages young ones to find their own unique place in the world and provides visuals for a bright tomorrow. Ten fun animals illustrate every day values that help children cultivate a sense of self worth at home and in the community.

(Please inquire about volume discounts)

Both Mats: $25.00