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Join Cynthia W. Lett, an internationally respected protocol & etiquette expert, trainer, speaker, and author, as she interviews experts in various aspects of business success. In every episode, you will learn proper etiquette tips that if practiced will help you rise to your success. Our programs are sponsored by various companies so please be patient with the 30 second advertisement prior to each show. Thank you for listening!


October 3, 2013: 89.3 KPCC – AirTalk

When is it appropriate to swear at work?

September 23, 2010: The Wealthy Speaker Show

Facebook Etiquette Series on WTOP News – Washington, DC

Audio Recording: Guest Expert Interview with Cynthia Lett – Building Your Network By Being Different


Almost every business week includes networking opportunities.

We go somewhere, shake hands, exchange business cards, eat something, drink something, and then what?

Most of the time we have wasted our time. Either we keep seeing and talking to the same people, or we swear there was nobody in attendance that we would want to add to our network. If this is what is happening at the networking events you attend, you are right – they ARE a waste of time!

Cynthia Lett will teach you how to make certain you never waste your time again when engaging in this essential business-building activity.

By listening to this teleconference you will learn how to:

  • Plan your networking time efficiently
  • Present yourself in the best light to both new and old acquaintances
  • Handle business cards appropriately
  • Make a positive and memorable impression with everyone you meet
  • Understand the networking cycle of relationship building and why all three steps are important

Teleseminar – Build Your Network By Being Different Click to listen to an audio recording of Cynthia’s interview. (60 minutes)

Interview: KFWB NewsTalk 980 :with Cynthia Lett on the subject of Swearing in the Workplace (1 minute or so)