Social Media Etiquette: Using the Appropriate Tools

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Social Media Etiquette: Using the Appropriate Tools

Each social media outlet has its strengths, and to truly get the most return on your efforts, selecting the right tool is the first step.

Think about your goals at both the big picture and individual campaigns levels. Leadership should provide the overarching mission behind the expectations for branding, reputation management, vision, and customer relations. The social media representative can work from this to create individual campaigns. Tying campaigns across outlets without simply sending the same post on all sites presents a polished and targeted approach.

Here is a quick guide to using some of the social media tools currently available:

Facebook: Post information and solicit feedback. You want your post to start a conversation.

Twitter: Short and sweet. Consider this the modern day elevator pitch.

LinkedIn: This is primarily for business. Speak here as you would in a business meeting.

YouTube: Your own personal TV channel. Think about your message, but also put some thought into the production quality.

Blogs: The meat and potatoes of your time-sensitive information. Blogs allow you to keep information current while also giving you the space you need to go into detail.

In all social media posts providing engaging content, including images, is paramount. Give the readers something to respond to and it will increase the virality of your posts.