Succeed by Listening: In An Instant

Succeed by Listening: In An Instant

Succeed by Listening

This enhanced DVD edition of Succeed By Listening is part of the In An Instant® Business Training Library. It comes complete with a DVD, video tape, closed captioning, CD audio, and a post-test that may be reproduced. It also includes a copy of the book Listening, The Forgotten Skill.

An old philosopher once said: “One mouth, two ears,” meaning (we think) that we should listen at least twice as much as we speak. It seems so easy to do and yet it can
be oh so difficult.

To help in this never ending battle, JWA/Video has produced Succeed By Listening with listening expert Madelyn Burley-Allen. In this video program you’ll discover the basic principles and techniques needed to become an active listener and better communicator in both your business and personal life. You’ll learn to handle the tough situations by really understanding what has been said. You’ll have the confidence needed to solve the difficult problems and react without misunderstanding. We have all been involved in the “he said, she said” world of communicating. He said this, no she said that, and no one is really sure what anyone said. This video program helps you overcome the listening/language barriers that cause these problems.

Persuasion is also a part of listening and you will learn how to become even more persuasive just by listening correctly. You’ll develop the skills necessary to become a level one listener (the best!) and an understanding communicator.

This how-to training program comes with a video, audio CD and the book, Listening, That Forgotten Skill.

Available in NTSC or PAL. 35 minutes.

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Succeed by Listening: In An Instant, $149.95