“Thank you” – instead of a ticket

“Thank you” – instead of a ticket

Thank you to Open Loops Blog for this interesting post.

I believe that anytime you can say Thank You to someone – for whatever they may have done,  it will be positive for both parties.

Town Experiments With Thank You Notes

News & Observer | A ‘Thank You’ Instead of a Parking Fine: Chapel Hill Takes a New Approach

meter After the last few posts dealing with saying, “Thank You!”, it was with interest that I noted that the town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is experimenting with Thank You notes.

When ticketing those who have overstayed their parking meter time, Chapel Hill usually tickets the cars, with each ticket resulting in a $15 fine.  Of all cars ticketed, 33% of them are first-time offenders.  However, town officials decided to try something unique: first time parking offenders will receive a “Thank You” note.

“First-time parking meter violators in and around Franklin Street won’t find a citation on their windshield if their meter runs out.

Instead, they’ll find a note, saying “Thank you for visiting downtown Chapel Hill.”

On Wednesday the town began a “courtesy ticket” program that dismisses first-time violators’ $15 citation.”

The city stands to lose over $12,000 in lost fines, but stands to gain more repeat visitors and shoppers.  In the city that UNC-Chapel Hill calls home, this simple act says to parents, relative, visitors, tourists, and shoppers, “Welcome!”

Personally, I like spending my money where I feel welcome.

What about you?

via: digtriad.com: Thank You Notes Left for Parking Violators Instead of Tickets in Chapel Hill

image: digtriad.com