Be aware of what your body language is saying about you to others.

Your body language is at anytime a reflection of how you feel about your life, your personal history, what you are doing, where you are and who you are with.  You cannot hide your body language or the hundreds of non-verbal messages you are sending to others. Understanding your body language can help you build better rapport and connection with others. Positive steps you can take to make yourself more approachable, likable and powerful include eliminating negative facial expressions, stiff or poor posture, leaning away from people, and crossing your arms and legs. Remember, negative facial expressions are detected faster and are more impactful than positive ones! Smiling with your eyes and your heart conveys that you are open, confident, interested in others and easily approachable and likable. Lean in when others are speaking with you. Keep your body position open and your facial expressions welcoming. Try not to frown. Uncross your arms and legs. Maintain eye contact.  Others react more positively to authentic looking individuals.  Setting yourself up for success when developing relationships with others is as easy as looking like you want to be with them rather than counting the minutes until they leave your presence.

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